Begin with a big delicious breakfast buffet at Hotel Svanen - Billund and visit the new amusement park in the wild natur of the forrest a place for the whole family to play and experience the Danish treetops.  


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Here, you'll discover sky-high fun spread out over an area the size of more than 40 football fields. Enjoy an awesome day full of physical play and fantasy adventure with friends and family in the great outdoors.

Have you ever played in the tallest treetops?  Slipped down in full speed? Raced from tree to tree in suspension bridges?

Try it all in WOW PARK, a place for fun and excitement up in the trees! 

In WOW PARK's underground universe, you can crawl on all fours and disover hideouts among secret entrances and winding paths. Above ground, the entire family is challenged to find their way through the wooden twists and turns of the willow forest and the fun, mysterious labyrinth.

Swing by the gregarious goats and say hello to old Villy, cheeky Frida and little Mads. They are very tame and they love to eat grass right from your hand. 

Let lose creativity.
Build and create whatever you wish, including mini creatures and characters.

After a long day in WOW PARK you are only 5 min. from Hotel Svanens terrace, where the whole family can gather for cool refreshments.  

If you’re arriving to Billund by flight it is just as easy. Throughout July you can use the free shuttlebus, driving from the airport to different attractions around town such as Lalandia and our hotel.

The rest of the year it will take you 5 minutes by Taxi to get from the airport to Hotel Svanen - Billund.

Contact us if we should plan the perfect stay for you and your family here at Hotel Svanen – Billund.

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