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LEGOLAND Billund Resort® is a world full of play. Here are experiences for both big and small for many days.
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Experiences, attractions and activities around Billund
Take an experience at Givskud Zoo or a day at Legoland. In recent years, Billund has grown from being a small, and almost unknown provincial town, approx. 20 km from Vejle, to be a center for both transport and leisure.

The reason for this is of course LEGO Company and LEGOLAND® Parken, LaLandia as well as the international airport. In the middle of the heath, an ever-growing industry is flourishing, which makes Billund attractive as a place to visit.

Despite its rapid development, Billund has managed to preserve its village character with green areas. In the city center is Billund square with shops and the Billund Center, which contains a church, library, theater, kindergarten - a cultural forum for Billund's residents and guests - and not least Lego House, which is a chapter in itself both in terms of the building's appearance and experiences. inside.

See VisitBillund's website for more information about shops, museums and nature experiences.

Visit VisitBillund's website

Attractions: Distance: Activities: Distance:
The Egtved girl 20 km. Gyttegaard Golf 5 km.
West coast / Blåvand 70 km. Miniature golf 500 metres.
Dry skin Gravel pit 10 km. Skating rink 500 metres.
Grene Sande 5 km. Tennis 1 km.
Jellinge Stone 15 km. Go-kart 10 km.
The Bunker Museum 7 km. Swimming pool 400 metres.
Bindeballe Købmandsgård 10 km. Fitness 400 metres.


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