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Cancellation policy

Terms of payment:

  • 8 days net unless otherwise agreed. For payment after the due date, 2% per. month.
  • Prices are incl. VAT and service.

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation of the entire course or conference can be made in writing in time within six weeks before the course / conference is held. Any reduction in the course / conference of up to 35% - including in the number of meeting participants or in the duration of the event - must be made in writing, no later than 3 weeks before the event takes place.
  • In the event of a reduction of more than 35% in the number of participants or in the event of a reduction later than 3 weeks before the event is to take place, the hotel may charge a payment corresponding to 65% of the total price. It may be agreed that Hotel Svanen can carry out the event with full payment, also for the reduction that has not been announced in writing before the deadline of 6 weeks. This applies to both services and goods.
  • These cancellation policies are in accordance with Horesta┬┤'s terms and conditions for courses and conferences.

In case of no-show, late arrival and early departure, the hotel is entitled to a compensation corresponding to the full price of the final booked events. For further info, please refer to the custom within the industry, see Horesta.dk, or by contacting Hotel Svanen.