Enjoy great wines, drinks and especially champagnes. Fx 2004 Bollinger Champagne La Grande Année Rose, Bollinger Champagne Rosé Brut or how about a 1996 Champagne Carte d'or Drappier? Come in and see our great selection and enjoy an exciting evening at the Swan Hotel Bollingerlounge!

Sit back, relax and enjoy your drink.

Finish a lovely evening in the hotel lobby with a cozy and informal atmosphere. Arrange a meeting with friends, business relations, or just take a break for yourself. We have hot drinks, cocktails, long drinks, non-alcoholic drinks and of course exciting drinks for the kids without alcohol. 

Come in and see our great selection and enjoy an exciting evening at our Bollingerlounge!

Find our drink card in our Bar & Lounge NO|8 at the Hotel.

28 kr.

34 kr.

25 kr.

Dobbelt Espresso
34 kr.

34 kr.

Café Latte
34 kr.

Latte Macchiato
34 kr.

34 kr.

Irish Coffee 2cl,
56 kr.

Irish Coffee 4cl,
76 kr.

Gin, Sprite, Red Soda, Lemon Juice
85 kr.

Gin, Lemon Juice, Blackberry Syrup
85 kr.

Dark ’n’ Stormy
Rom, Ginger Beer, Lime
85 kr.

Mango Margarita
Tequila, Triplesec, Mango Pure, Lime, Sugar syrup
85 kr.

White Russian
Coffee liqueur, Vodka, Milk
85 kr.

Russian Spring Punch
Vodka, Cassis, Sugar Syrup, Lemon Juice, Sparkling Wine
85 kr.

Gin Hass
Gin, Lemon Soda, Mango Syrup
85 kr.

Whiskey Sour
Bourbon, Lemon juice, sugar syrup, egg white
85 kr.

Golden Dream
Galiano, Triplesec, Orange juice, Cream
85 kr.

Tom Collins
Gin, Lemon juice, sugar syrup, sparkling water
85 kr.

Vodka, Cointreau, Lime juice, cranberry juice
85 kr.