A La Carte

Opening hours (Kitchen): The kitchen is open daily from 17:30 - 21:30 - On Sundays, the kitchen closes at 21:00.

  • Cava - Spanish bubbles
    Clear, handsome and festive figure. Nice and fresh taste with light sweetness
    45,- DKK
    Cava & Snacks - Spanish Bubbles
    Potato chips - Almonds - Popcorn
    95,- DKK
    Gin & Tonic - ’Luxury gin’
    Monkey 47 Gin with Tonic 1724
    95,- DKK

    The most famous sparkling wine from Spain is called Cava . Cava comes from Penedés in Catalonia, where the main city is Barcelona . 1551 refers to the year 1551, where the tale of the wine house Codorniu dates from telling us of the wine maker Jaume Codorniu.

    Monkey 47 - Black Forest Dry Gin gets its unique flavor from no less than 47 different handpicked scented and flavorful ingredients . Along with that a Premium tonicwater from 1724 - which indicates the height in meters above sealevel, where kinin was discovered for the first time in the Andes.

  • Smoked Fanø Salmon
    Fennel - Potatoes - Tarragon
    105,- DKK
    Tuna Carpaccio
    Avocado - Soy - Cucumber
    105,- DKK
    Tiger Prawns
    Linguine - Spinach - Garlic
    105,- DKK
    Breast of Cockerel - Organic dish
    Heart Salad - Egg yolk - Unika Havgus Cheese
    As a main dish: 225 kr.
    105,- DKK
    Charcuteri from OMHU
    Mr . Nielsen Ham - slices of Coppa - Heather Smoked Duck Breast
    105,- DKK
    Chickpeas - Coriander - Avocado - Beans - Zucchini - Heart Salad
    As a main dish: 195 kr.
    105,- DKK

    All starters are served with bread, aioli and butter.

    Fanø Salmon
    Fanø Salmon is a highly recognized quality product . The salmons are hand-kneaded and hand-trimmed in order to achieve the best texture and quality in the meat . The salmon is dry salted and smoked with a mixture of smoke and the fresh air of the North Sea.

    The product delivered from OMHU Nordic Charcuterie where philosophy is simple: Good quality starts with the best raw materials and good quality does not occur by itself, OMHU is the danish word for ‘care’ and indicates that processing a quality raw material, requires good care and patience.
  • Lamb fillet
    Black Garlic - Lobster Sauce - Green Shades
    Sauce and garnish included
    245,- DKK
    Cauliflower - Chili/Vanilla Beurre Blanc - Onions
    Sauce and garnish included
    245,- DKK

  • Greater Omaha

    ca. 300g
    225,- DKK
    Rib Eye
    ca. 300g
    250,- DKK

    Greater Omaha Beef originates from Nebraska, which is a part of the Corn Belt of The United States of America . They deliver the best beef the US market offers.

    Australian Wagyu

    ca. 200g
    395,- DKK
    ca. 300g
    595,- DKK

    You say Wagyu, you say massages, beers and music . All of this gives this extremely tasty beef an incredible tenderness . At the same time it has a very characteristic, juicy taste because of the extreme fat marbling of the meat.

    New Zealand

    Beef Tenderloin
    ca. 225g
    225,- DKK

    Beef cattle (Prime Steer) that feed on the natural food from the fertile pastures, the rural surroundings and fresh water . Combined that gives some of the finest and best beef.


    Calf from Grambogård - ca 300g
    195,- DKK
    Chateaubriand - Enough for 2
    Beef Tenderloin from Himmerland and beef cattle of mixed races - ca. 600g
    595,- DKK

    Grambogård is a small independent butchery on the danish island, Fyn . Happy animals are the keywords right from birth, the choice of feed, the good life, a worthy slaughter and a careful way of handling the meat, the maturation and the cut of the meat.


    Lobster - 75g
    225,- DKK
    Toasted Foie Gras
    60,- DKK

    All steaks are served with Pepper Glace & Sauce Bearnaise

    Sides - 35kr. Vegetables - 35kr. 
    - Thick Steak Fries  
    - Crushed Potato with Bacon, Onion and Gremolata    
    - Macaroni with Blue Cheese (Unika Høgelundgaard)   
    - Sweet Potato Fries with Chili 
    - Truffle Fries 
    - Chili Cheese Tops
    - Broccoli Asparagus/Spring Onions 
    - Glazed Carrots with Lemon Thyme 
    - Sauté of Corn and Bacon 
    - Tomato, Coriander, Sesame and Chili 
    - Mushroom Sauté

  • Creme Bruleé
    Lemon Fruits - Vanilla Cream
    95,- DKK
    Gateau Marcel
    Yogurt - Spearmint
    95,- DKK
    Cheese Cake
    Buckthorn - Caramel
    95,- DKK
    3 kinds of Cheese from Arla Unika
    Garnish - Crackers
    95,- DKK
    A little avec for the coffee
    75,- DKK

    - Cappucino, Hot Chocolate, Cococcino: 34kr. 
    - Café Latte, Latte Macchiato: 34kr.
    - Coffee (Americano): 28kr.
    - Espresso: 25kr.
    - Double Espresso: 34kr.
    - Tea -Whittington: 34kr.
    - Irish Coffee - 2cl: 56kr.
    - Irish Coffee - 4cl: 76kr.
  • Schnitzel
    With fried potatoes
    89,- DKK
    Pasta with meat sauce
    With fresh pasta
    89,- DKK
    Kylling Nuggets
    With pommes frites
    89,- DKK
    Hot Wings
    With fried potatoes
    89,- DKK
    Stroganoff a la svanen
    Beef and sausage with fried potatoes
    89,- DKK

    All menus are included icecream!
  • Avec - per glass
    Leopold Age des Fleurs 20 Carat - 132kr.
    Leopold Quintessence 30 Carat - 240kr.
    Poire Williams Hugel & Fils Alsace - 88kr.
    Grappa di Amarone Tommasi - 112kr.
    Port - per glass
    Peter Lehmann, The King 2000, Australia - 85kr.
    Warre’s, Vintage 1985, Portugal - 65kr.
    Colheita Burmeister 2000 - 85kr.
    Colheita Burmeister 1937 - 295kr.
    Sweet wine - per glass
    M. Chapoutier, Banyuls, France - 65kr.
    Coppo, Moncalvina, Moscato d’Asti, Italy - 65kr.
    Sherwood, Golden Drought Late Harvest, New Zealand - 65kr.
    Eroica Riesling, Ice Wine, USA - 65kr.