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Get inspired for your next party!

Are you going to hold a confirmation, wedding or birthday party, and should it take place in Billund? Hotel Svanen is the obvious choice. We have room for many guests and put together a menu and event according to your wishes.

We have put together different event packages. If you want more information and details about dishes, wines, etc. you can see this in our company menu card.

For further information and ordering, contact our Restaurant Manager at:
E-Mail:  eric@hotelsvanen.dk
Phone: 75 33 28 33

Feel free to contact us for a non-binding demonstration of our party rooms.

We also deliver food out of the house.

Menus for parties

The classic


Classic Prawn cocktail
Tartelets with chicken and asparagus
Serrano ham, melon and arugula
All starters are served with bread and butter

Main courses

Old-fashioned roast veal with Waldorf salad, sour, brown and white potatoes
Pork tenderloin a la cream with sour and raw fried potatoes
Chicken breast mushrooms, fried potatoes and creamy tarragon sauce
Cracked veal breast horseradish sauce and seasonal cabbage


Ice cream cake with crunch and chocolate sauce
Brownie with vanilla ice cream and fruit
Red wine poached pear with mazarin cake
Hotel Svanens the dessert plate (cake, fruit, ice cream and sorbet)
Gateau Marcel with ice cream

Classic buffet

Hot smoked salmon with smoked cheese
Tuna mousse
Vegetable pie
Roast veal with fried vegetables and pepper sauce
Pork tenderloin ala creme
Baked fish with fennel and butter sauce
Raw fried potatoes and seasonal potatoes
Seasonal salad
Cheese board with olives, nuts and crackers
Ice cream cake with fruit and chocolate sauce
Mazarin tart
Bread and butter
Ice cream bar with sliced ​​fruit

Season menu


Smoked salmon, smoked cheese mayo, burnt pearl onions and watercress
Cod terrine baked beetroot, mustard vinaigrette
Braised pork jowls, Jerusalem artichoke puree and lingonberries
All starters are served with bread and butter

Main courses

Served with seasonal potatoes & vegetables
Roast beef tenderloin in onion ash, fried cauliflower and bernaise siphon
Confit pork breast savoy cabbage, salt baked onion and beer glace
Fried guinea fowl mushrooms, celery and Sauce Cherron


Potato mazarin skir sorbet, brunsviger sauce and potato chips
Lemon sorbet meringue and dried mazarin
Chocolate mousse dehydrated white chocolate mousse and cherry sorbet

Seasonal buffet

Cold smoked salmon with smoked cheese, herbs and malt
Duck confit with lingonberries and kale
Coppa ham with pickled tomatoes and aioli
Baked cod with fennel
Braised pork jowls with cauliflower
Guinea fowl with baked roots
Thick roast beef with cabbage and onion
Pepper sauce and Sauce Cherron
Fried potatoes and French fries Anna
Green salad
Cheese with garnish, biscuits and bread
Gateau Marcel
White chocolate panna cotta with tarragon and pear

Season menu


All starters are served with bread and butter
White asparagus shrimp and hollandaise siphon
Smoked salmon egg yolk cream, dill mayo and mustard seeds
Blackfoot ham, tarragon mayo and pickled glass cabbage

Main courses

Served with seasonal potatoes & vegetables
Roasted veal tenderloin, onion puree, burnt new onions and red wine glace
Stuffed hopball chicken, pearl onions, green asparagus and sauce veloute
Braised spring greens and BBQ sauce


Raspberry sorbet, basil meringue and white chocolate
Rehydrated rhubarb vanilla ice cream and rhubarb soup
Forest brand ice cream buttermilk mousse and white chocolate

Seasonal buffet

Grilled green asparagus with serrano ham
Cold smoked salmon with verte sauce and salad
Carpaccio with classic garnish
Steamed plaice with stewed spinach
Braised drumsticks with corn
Marinated veal culotte with new onions
Hopball chicken with new carrots
Bearnaise and truffle sauce
Pasta salad and summer salad
New potatoes with herbs
Cheese with garnish, biscuits and bread
Cheesecake with raspberries
Mazarin with marinated strawberries and sour cream

Season menu


Smoked salmon ink mayo and fennel
Fish terrine dill mayo and ground malt
Cracked pheasant with pear and tarragon
All starters are served with bread and butter

Main courses

Served with seasonal potatoes & vegetables
Roast beef fillet, new carrots and truffle sauce
Stuffed chicken with corn, brown butter and honey sauce and popcorn
Fried summer buck with fried mushrooms, blackberries and game sauce


Strawberry sorbet, mazarin and fresh cheese cream
Blueberry sorbet fir, burnt white chocolate and fresh blueberries
Cold bowl ice cream milk flakes and lemon thyme

Seasonal buffet

Smoked salmon tartare with dill mayo and herbs
Grilled tuna with tarragon cream and edamame beans
Bresaola with rose apple mayo and marinated tomatoes
Steamed red sole with apples and almonds
Guinea fowl with peas francaise
BBQ marinated pork breast with fried corn, bacon and pearl onions
Veal thick roast with new carrots
Hollandaise with brown butter and BBQ sauce
French fries Anna and crushed potato
Tomato salad with mozzarella
Cheese with garnish, biscuits and bread
Mazarin with summer berries and white chocolate cream
Old fashioned apple pie

Season menu


Smoked Salmon dill pannacotta, aquavit foam and rye bread chips
Veal breast horseradish cream and celery
Oxtail terrine ground malt, broccoli crudité and separated tarragon oil
All starters are served with bread and butter

Main courses

Served with seasonal potatoes & vegetables
Roasted beef tenderloin, artichoke puree, scallions and thyme glaze
Fried duck breast scallions, red wine sauce and salted almonds
Confit pork breast, pigeon apple, salt-baked onions and sauce epices


Rice panna cotta cherry sorbet and amarene cherries
Tonkai cream with caramel cream and orange
Chocolate mousse with white chocolate cream and skyr sorbet

Seasonal buffet

Smoked salmon with horseradish and ink mayo
Duck terrine with lingonberries and kale
Cracked pheasant breast with pear chutney
Baked haddock with Jerusalem artichokes
Hopballe chicken with root vegetables and thyme
Pork breast with apple and onion
Fillet of beef with baked roots
Sauce Epices and beef glace
Fried potatoes and potato cake
Spinach salad
Cheese with garnish, biscuits and bread
Spice cake with fresh cheese cream
Chocolate mousse with cherries


Mine. 20 covers

Skyr and yogurt
Muesli and crispy
Dried fruits
Scambled eggs with bacon and brunch sausages
Warm liver pâté with roasted mushrooms
Eggs Benedict with cold smoked salmon
Vegetable pie with salad and pesto
Charcuterie with garnish
Fried eggs with avocado and rye bread
Hot smoked salmon with stewed spinach
Selected cheeses with olives and crackers
Pancakes with maple syrup
Croissants with and without chocolate/nougat
Scones with jam
Fresh fruit
Freshly baked bread and rye bread
Coffee, tea and hot cocoa
2 types of morning bitters

Price per. person kr. 375.00

Children from 3 – 12 years (incl.)  kr. 190.00

The brunch buffet is served at 10.30am - 13pm
Upgrade your brunch with a glass of sparkling wine.
35 kr. per. person

Late night snack

Potato-leek soup with bacon and bread
Curry soup with chicken, vegetables and bread
Goulash soup with bread
Tartlets from Billund Bakery with chickens in asparagus (+10 kr.)
Meatballs with cold potato salad
Biksemad with fried eggs and béarnaise
Hotdog with everything the heart desires
Sausage table with cheese and bread (+10 kr.)
Croissants with 3 types of filling (chicken salad, ham salad and crayfish salad)

Price per. person
kr. 85.00

The extra little zest

Snacks for the welcome drink

Sorbet (between starter and main course)

Cheese as an appetizer (between main course and dessert)

All 3 of the above "delights"

Sweet for coffee


Wreath cake



Together we find the perfect match

Our many years of experience means that we can find just the wine that matches the food and at the same time suits your taste.

The wine with the food is just as important as the accompaniments that are served.

We have wines in virtually all price ranges and together we find the perfect match.
You can of course be allowed to taste the wines before you make a final decision.
The menu packages are basically incl. wine.

Upgrading wine…

Upgrade your company package with an extra good white and red wine, as well as dessert wine.

Price per person too upgraded
wine package ad libitum 95 kr.

The liquor package

It is also possible to liven up the company during the dance with our spirits package.
Rum, Vodka, Gin and Whiskey ad libitum for 3 hours.

Price per person for the liquor package
195 DKK

Pampering in the Wine Cellar

In our wine cellar, it exudes coziness and a good atmosphere.

The light is dimmed and now it's time for a big treat. You get your own waiter and there is room for 8 and up to 20 people.
The menu is put together by our skilled chefs, but of course there is always room for your wishes.
Let's create a perfect evening together with your guests.
The event lasts from 18 - 01.

All night menu

5-course menu - 5 exquisite wines - coffee, sweet and avec

Price per person 1.195 kr.

When it has to be extra good

6-course menu - wine ad libitum - coffee, sweet and avec

Price per person 1.495 kr.


When it has to be pure luxury

7-course menu - wine ad libitum with extraordinary, exquisite wines - coffee, sweet, avec and cocktails

Price per person 2.195 kr.

Coffee table

3/2 Buns with butter (Mør-Selv)
Cheese and cold cuts platter with 3 types of cold cuts
Homemade pretzels & cookies
Coffee - tea - iced water

Price per envelope kr. 229,-


Coffee table 2

2 pcs. Highly coated smørrebrød
Homemade pretzels & cookies
Coffee - tea - iced water

Price per envelope kr. 249,-


Coffee table 3

2 large tartlets with chicken in asparagus
Homemade pretzels & cookies
Coffee - tea - iced water

Price per envelope kr. 239,-


Additional purchase of Lagkage instead of Kringle
NOK 35 per envelope

Possibly. wine, beer and soft drinks are billed according to consumption. 

Party arrangementMenu 1Menu 2Menu 3Menu 4Menu 5
The classic 3-course menu or Classic buffetxxxxx
Tablecloths, napkins, candles and flowersxxxxx
Optional welcome drink xxxx
Coffee and tea with sweets xxxx
Wine, draft beer and water ad libitum during dinner (4 hours) xxxx
Avec for the coffee (cognac or liqueur)   xxx
Late night snack  xxx
Wine, draft beer and water ad libitum after dinner (3 hours)   xx
Spirits after dinner (rum, vodka, gin, Breezer etc.)    x
Envelope pricekr. 495,-kr. 895,-kr. 995,-kr. 1095,-kr. 1295,-


Supplement to menu prices per person:

Upgrade from The classic 3-course menu or Classic buffet to Seasonal menu or Seasonal buffet.
kr. 100.00

Extra dish. 4 course dinner
kr. 85.00

Sorbet (palate cleanser) entree
kr. 35.00

Upgrade of selected wines
kr. 95.00

Crisp snacks for welcome
kr. 35.00

Wreath cake
kr. 35.00

kr. 35.00

Crisp snacks on the table after dinner
kr. 35.00

Free choice of 3 cocktails
(Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Margarita, etc.)
kr. 100.00

Extra hour (in addition to the 4-hour or 7-hour arrangement)
kr. 75.00

Companies under 15 guests pay 1500 DKK in room rent, if you want to sit in your own room.
There is no payment for room hire at a memorial service.
On public holidays, an additional service fee of 50 is payable DKK, per person, to cover public holiday allowances for our staff.

Contact our Restaurant for further information or to order at:


Good night's sleep & breakfast is a must!

We have lovely comfortable rooms for your overnight guests - incl. great breakfast buffet the next day. Feel free to call and inquire about price.

If it's the wedding party we'll be lucky enough to celebrate with you, there's a free room for the bride and groom.